Talking to create
real change

We help individuals troubled by their sexual interest or behaviour involving children live a safe, healthy, and non-offending life.

Who we help

We provide free therapy and anonymous support to

  1. Individuals distressed about their attraction to children
  2. Individuals concerned about using child sexual abuse material (often called child pornography)
  3. Individuals worried about engaging in online or offline offending involving a child

We also offer anonymous support and tools to individuals who believe someone they know may have a sexual interest in children.

How we help

We provide anonymous support (accessible via phone or chat) and free therapy services to help individuals live a safe, healthy, and non-offending life.

We aim to help individuals early, when it can have the greatest impact in their lives and prevent harm and illegal behaviour.

Reach out today to talk to someone – completely judgment free.

For more information on each option below, visit our Get Help page. If you’d like to learn more about how your privacy is important to us during this process, read our policy.

Anonymous helpline

Toll-free in Canada


Local Ontario


Monday-Friday; 12-6pm EST

Anonymous chat

Chat with a trained clinician who understands how you feel – anonymously and free of judgment.

Monday-Friday; 12-6pm EST

Free therapy

Free therapy in Ontario, Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Alberta, Yukon and Nunavut

18+ only.

Please note that therapy is not anonymous.

Your Privacy

Your Right. Our Responsibility.

Your privacy and confidentiality is important to us.


If you are located outside of Canada, there are several resources around the world like ours available to you.


Hear from our past clients and helpline users on their experience with Talking for Change.

If you are like me, and have found yourself in need of help, I encourage you to give this group a try. It could be one of the best decisions that you ever make. It was for me.

The facilitators are some of the most compassionate and understanding people I have met. They didn’t judge me and instead, they genuinely offered their knowledge and help.

I found myself provided with the non-judgmental space and tools to view and resolve this issue in a pragmatic way. The tools and discussions in the program help you see it that way and turn it from an issue that feels like something that ‘just happens to you’ and is out of your control, to one that is tangible, less scary, and resolvable. This really let me believe in the idea that my life can be, and now certainly is, a far happier one, and the direction of that progress is in my hands.

If you’re a young adult like me and reluctant to join the Talking for Change program, just do it. Not dealing with a problem, won’t make it go away. Talking for Change allowed me to open up about this issue with people that would understand me, and they provided strategies not only for this issue, but strategies for mental day-to-day problems.

The clinicians in this program are very kind, it takes a lot of skill to talk to people who are sharing their deepest secrets.

It’s hard to talk about this, and I really appreciate the program’s compassion.