Debunking the myths: are therapy programs like Talking for Change effective? 

Research on prevention programs like Talking for Change is relatively new, since many of the programs have only been around for a short period of time. With that said, there have been some preliminary evaluations that show these programs are effective, however we need more detailed evaluations of these types of programs to be sure about their effectiveness. There is ongoing research across the world that will help establish if programs like the TFC program are effective. 

The TFC program is run by a group of clinician-scientists who both deliver the program and evaluate its effectiveness. We believe it is very important to ensure that the program we are delivering is effective at improving client outcomes.  

We are currently finishing a small study on the TFC program, where we have found that we are able to recruit clients to the program, that the program is acceptable to clients, and that, on average, clients see improvements after treatment. Based on our results, we are also making some changes to the program to improve its effectiveness. Once we have made these adjustments, we plan on doing more research on the overall effectiveness of the TFC program.  As dedicated researchers, we will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and modify where necessary.  

While evidence on the effectiveness of programs like TFC is still very much in progress as this topic becomes more openly talked about in our society, we very much believe that we can help individuals having concerns about their thoughts or behaviour life a happier, healthier life. Reach out to one of our clinicians today via phone, chat, or email to learn more.