What to do if you are not ready to seek in-person therapy 

Talking can be tough, and it can be very hard for individuals to take that first step and reach out for help. Even if you are not ready to start a therapy program which requires you to identify yourself, there are resources available to you to talk to someone who understands how you are feeling and can guide you in the right direction. And by accessing this webpage, you have already taken a step in the right direction. Below are some options available to you to take that initial step:  

  • Anonymous helpline and chatline: Anyone can access our free helpline and chatline that is offered from 12-6pm EST Monday to Friday. Anyone who contacts the helpline will be connected to a clinician who has many years of experience in this area and can answer any questions you have. You may have questions about the TFC therapy program and resources available, and this is a great way to reach out anonymously and have your questions answered. The clinicians are also equipped to address any concern you may have related to sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviour. Helplines like ours are a great way to receive some support. 
  • Self-guided programs: In addition to helpline support, there are online self-guided programs, many of which are listed on our resources page. These programs, such as Troubled Desire and Help Wanted, allow people to access information that may help them with the problems they are experiencing, and various skills that might be helpful. There are also programs like Prevent It that allow you to complete different treatment modules at your own pace and check in anonymously with a therapist. All of these can be good options if you are not ready to seek in person therapy, as they allow you to get some support while remaining anonymous. 

We believe that many individuals would benefit from receiving therapeutic support, but also understand if time is needed to get to that stage. We would encourage you to consider our various services if you are struggling, and to consider our therapy program. if you have accessed some of these other resources but still believe there are things to work on.